Buffy the Vampire Slayer Is Trans

and other opinions i have


Welcome to my Buffy fansite! I'm a 25-year-old trans woman who's finally discovering, well into adulthood, that I'm able to be part of fandom culture, and hoo buddy am I ever diving right into it. I post theories I have about the show, episode reviews, and anything else that I happen to think of.

This site is also a place for me to practice my HTML and CSS, and I am still v new at it (literally only started last week lol). So please be forgiving of any errors with it.

Some important questions are answered below.

WHERE IS LILY IN BUFFY? Thank you for asking! I just finished S3E13, "The Zeppo," otherwise known as "Little Xander's Big Adventure." I hate that I loved it, because Xander is a garbage boy who should go live in the damn toilet, but it was extremely well structured and it's obvious how much it's inspired so many other TV episodes.

WHAT IS LILY'S CURRENT OPINION OF BUFFY (THE SHOW, NOT THE VERY GOOD GIRL OF THE SAME NAME)? Extremely good! I feel like I watched most of S1 and a good chunk of S2 with a certain early-Star-Trek ironist mindset, where I could appreciate that the world-building and characterization were great even while I found the plots pleasantly ridiculous and nothing to take too seriously. It won't come as a shock to any fans of the show that midway through S2 is where that changed for me, and S3 had only accelerated it. I still love the "bad" episodes because literally any goofy monster-of-the-week setup in this universe/with these characters will be entertaining, but the more recent main-plot "good" episodes are just exquisite.

(Incidentally, in S1/first half of S2, I used to like the "bad" MotW episodes way more than the "good" Big Bad episodes because I found the Big Bad plots universally self-serious and uninteresting, but that's no longer the case AT ALL. Part of that, I guess, is that S3 doesn't seem to have a Big Bad yet, which means the "main plot" episodes focus on characters we've built an investment in rather than conniving villains without much dimension. No idea where this is going to go, but I find it interesting!)

WHY IS BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER TRANS? It's because every single character on the show cares a lot about gender, the whole "life-altering secret you have to keep hidden from your family" thing hits home, the "trying desperately to be a 'normal girl' despite what feels like cosmic pressure not to" thing certainly does too, Xander is obviously an egg (which is, tbh, a loss for the trans community), and because literally zero characters on this show know how to dress themselves.

Mostly, though, it's because it's a TV show adults are allowed to like that's focused deeply on high school archetypes and giving emotional shading and depth to teenage girls, which makes it a sort of wish-fulfillment for transfemmes like me who transitioned right after adolescence and can feel its loss acutely because we almost got to have it as ourselves. My take, anyway.